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  Glass / Bottle

Blufeld Riesling, Germany                                                             6.95 / 22.00

Slightly sweet, ideal with spicy food.


J.Lohr Riverstone Chardonnay, California                               7.95 / 25.95

Full flavors of peach, pears & citrus from the Arroyo Seco region of Monterey County.

Complements and Chicken or Seafood.


Natura Chardonnay, Chile                                                              6.95 / 22.00

Organically grown, full of fruit with a crisp finish.


Rex Goliath Sauvignon Blanc, California                                  4.95 / 17.00

Unoaked, crisp and dry. Idea with any seafood especially shellfish.


Mazzacorona Pinot Grigio, Italy                                                  6.95 / 22.00

A delightful, easy drinking wine with a delicate hint of green apple.


Firesteed Pinot Gris, Oregon                                                        7.95 / 25.95

Delightfully dry with wonderful fruit flavors.


Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc, N. Zealand                                          6.95 / 22.00

European style with full flavor & a clean crisp finish.


Beringer White Zinfandel, California                                         5.95 / 20.00

Refreshingly sweet with slight strawberry overtones.



                        Glass / Bottle

J.Lohr Seven Oak Cabernet Sauvignon, California               7.95 / 25.95

Smooth & Velvety texture with rich cherry & black currant flavors. Ideal with beef entrees.


Concannon Glen Ellen Merlot, California                                 5.95 / 20.00

Softer red with subtle flavors of cherry & light tannins


Five River Pinot Noir, California                                                 7.95 / 25.95

A lighter red wine with hints of plum & cherry. Try with chicken or duck.


Xplorador Malbec, Chile                                                                5.95 / 20.00

A fuller-bodied red, grown almost inclusively in South America.


Little Roo Shiraz, Australia                                                          4.95 / 17.00

Mellow fruit flavors, easy drinking complements pork or beef entrees.


Cupcake Red Velvet, California                                                    6.95 / 22.00

A blend of Petit Sirah, Merlot & Zinfandel. Medium-body, smooth with plenty of varietal character.



Geikkeikan Black & Gold Sake                                                     7.95 / 25.95

This versatile sake has a smooth, mellow flavor and can be enjoyed chilled.


Traditional Geikkeikan Sake ( Warm )                                          5.95 / 22.00



Dirty Martini                                          8                                    

Grey Goose Vodka, Olive juice & olive

Martini                                                     8

Grey Goose Vodka, Dry Vermouth and olives  


Mai Tai                                                      8                                                            

Bacardi Superior & Dark rums, triple sec, DiSaronno Amaretto & juice

Tom Collins                                            8                                                        

Bombay Sapphire Gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and soda   


Lemon Drop Martini                            8     

Absolut Citrus Vodka, fresh lime juice, sour mix and sprite

Long Island Iced Tea                            8.95                                    

Absolut Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Tequila, Bacardi, Rum, Triple sec and coke

Manhattan                                                8                                 

Maker's Mark Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Bitter and Grenadine  


Alaskan Iced tea                                    8.95

Absolut Vodka, Bombay Gin, Bacardi Rum, Blue Curacao

Gin Gimlet                                                 8                                                                         

Bombay Gin with Rose's lime juice topped with fresh lime   


Silver Mojito                                     8      

Bacardi Superior Rum, fresh lime juice, mint leaves and simple syrup 


Cosmopolitan                                          8                                 

Grey Goose L'Orange Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime 


Golden Margarita                                   8

Sauza Gold Tequila, triple sec, lime and sour mix     


Mango Margarita                                    8                                 

Sauza Gold Tequila, Mango mix, lime juice, triple sec and sour mix  

Blue Margarita                                       8

Sauza Gold tequila, Blue Curacao, triple sec, lime juice and sour mix


BEER    $4.00

Imported    :  Singha, Thailand             

                         Asahi, Japan     

                         Tsingtao, China


Domestic    :  Miller Lite ( $3.00 )

                         Samuel Adams Boston Lager                

                         Dogfish 60 mins IPA

                         Yuengling Lager                  

                         Harpoon IPA



Dewar”s     Chivas Regal     Southern Comfort     Crown Royal     Wild Turkey American Honey     Jack Daniel's

Jim Beam     Maker's Mark     Courvoisier

Bacardi Superior Light     Bacardi Gold     Bacardi Spiced Rum     Captain Morgan  

Patron Silver Tequila     Sauza     Jose Cuervo

Bombay Sapphire     Tanqueray

Grey Goose     Three Olives     Ketel One     Absolut       Tito’s (Gluten free)

Grey Goose L'Orange     Grey Goose Le Citron     Absolut Citron

Midori     Kahlua     Disaronno     Bailey's

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